No two events are alike!  Getting people together for a special function is a big decision.  You want to have it done right the first time!   Let us help you with all the details to create the best results, and if you like, we can make sure everything runs smoothly too.

Details - Choices

Venue - Where is the best place!

Okay, your going to have a special event... Venue is the first thing you should think about. Something inside or outside. We have a list of some local venues. If you have a location in mind and would like a second opinion no problem! We will have a much better idea of what to suggest for choices and extras that you may want.$

Home or Backyard Party. Depending on the size of the house or yard we can make it work, to provide a smooth and great time for all.$

If you are undecided, our favorite place is pictured below! The Veterans Association of North County has a beautiful hall and meeting rooms!$

Ball Room
Large Meeting Room
Outside Back Entrance

Theme & Decor

Formal. Maybe you are doing a triditional, trendy, or grand scale wedding!! We specialize in food of coarse, however we are in contact with some great florists and speciality shops that will help with all the finishing touches. We can help.$


Holiday. Chinese New Year, Marti Gras, St Patricks' Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Party and anything inbetween! Setting the scene for the event will be great fun. Have you traveled to a special place or seen it in a picture? Let's make it feel like your there!$


A Love to Party - Party. or something personal, like birthday or anniversary party, Barmitzvah, or a Celebration of Life. What about a backyard barbeque, home renovation party, weed pulling name it! $



Paradise Gardens Oceanside

Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras King Cake

Birthday Party

Night Club Birthday Party


Served Meal, Buffet, Butler Style, or Preset is the first question. What time of day is very important. When a scheduled meal landing at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your guests will eat more! You have many choices! Having traveled extensively helps me re-create menus from around the world. You may be from somewhere I have not been and have a great recipe you would like prepaired. It's all good, we will work closey with you. I learn something new every day! I will ask many questions, like, is anyone allergic to a type of food? Does the menu need to offer vegetarian or vegan choices? We want to make sure you and your guests are well taken care of. $

Table Service
Tray Passed

Spanish Paella

Paella - Spain

Corned Beef & Cabbage

Corn Beef & Cabbage

Cold Cut Trays!

catering service

Details - Choices

``Upscale``, Crystle & China, or perhaps you want ``Classy`` middle of the road, or ``Disposable``, paper plates and bibs etc. Meet with Heike for a completel check-off list! We don't want to miss a thing!$

Table Setting
Table Setting 1
Food on Paper Plate


Check out ``Hot Pepper Productions`` 40170 Stowe Road Temecula, CA 92591 www.HOTPEP.COM 951-491-0480$

Italian Singing Waiters

singing Italian Waiters

Classy Trio


Swing Orchestra



Letzeet has a relitively small staff, however we do use a staffing company if we have a large function. We always maintain a professional attitude and execelient hygene. We will dress according to the function. The pricing list you will find under our extra's tab.$

Final Results

From the first time you connect with ``Letzeet`` until your event is over, each step will be covered up front, in detail and with courtesy.$