All of my classes are now done at “VANC” (Veterans Association of North County).  I have joined a first class group of military focused men and women driven to help all veterans.   This union has allowed me to teach a new class called “Veterans & Friends”.

This class is designed to help veterans interested in pursuing a career in the food service industry.  However if someone just needs to learn how to cook, it is for that person too!

Next Class Starts August 7th 2017  Call Jeff @ 760-855-9090 or email 


Veterans & Friends Cooking Class is a 4 week program. Monday thru Thursday evenings. Classes are held from 6 to 10 pm.$

Classes are held at 1617 Mission Ave, Oceanside CA 92058. Yes this is the location of the ``Veterans Association of North County of VANC $

Course Description

Students will learn standard fundamentals of a food service facility. Lectures will cover culinary terminology, customer service, restaurant positioins and responsibilities, use of kitchen equipment, and food safety in accordance with the ``ServSafe Course Book. In the kitchen portion of this course, the entire team will receive ``hands on`` training. Each student will rotate through all of the major positions of a food service facility and execute recipes with emphasis on international cuisine. Field trips include a trip to a working restaurant or two, and a restaurant supply store. $

Course Objectives - Upon completionof this course you wil be able to:

1. Exhibit a professional attitude, appropriate to the food service and hospitality industry. Excellent customer service and teamwork while performing the duties of each position in a restaurant. 2 Apply critical food safety practices. 3. Demonstrate basic techniques and skills such as proper knife skills, use of kitchen equipment, and culinary terminology. 4. Calculate cost and portion control. 5 Plan and execute a menu using basic cooking methods: bake, grill, saute, and more. 6. Establish and meet goals with effective communication and time management.$

What to Expect.

We always start with all the basics. Getting to know each other to make sure you are fully aware of what will be expected of you and what you can expect to get out of the class.$

Knife skills, jargon, and more. At this point it is all hands on! No smoke and mirrors. You will be cooking! $

Let's do lunch... Sandwiches, side salads and more. We are still testing your imagination on how creative you can be.$

We will make a complete 4 coarse meal and serve it to live customers. This will be part of our ``Front of the House`` training.$

Safety and Sanitation is next. Making sure that you know what we do will be done with your safety and cleanliness in mind. $

Breakfast! Timing is covered. We want everything on the plate ``hot``. And look Ma... flipping eggs with no spatula!$

Dinner / Supper We will be giving you a taste of Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico, and even Indian$

We will be covering all 15 chapters of our ServSafe Coarse Book. This is to prepare you for the big test at the end of the class.$

You will be given a food handlers test. This is a basic test to let any inspector that visits VANC that you have been checked out, and know the basics in the kitchen.$

Spice Day! Herbs, spices, blends, minerals and beyond. Let's taste them and experiment!$

Guest Chef's. We have several local chef's that come to the class. They are fantastic and give you a special insite into their culinary speciality.$

There will be 2 final tests. One to cover what you learned in the class and the other to get you certified by ServSafe. A nationally certified program. This certificate will give anyone interested in persuing a food service career a huge let-up in getting that perfect job. It is also fantastic training for anyone just working in your own kitchen!$

Costs and Prep

Veterans & Friends Class is FREE to veterans (active or not).

Friends will be charged $125.00.

Dress Code – Closed toes non-skid shoes, long pants, shirts with sleeves (no tank tops). Hair must be restrained back or under the ball cap provided.  No jewelry other than a plain wedding band.  Finger nails must be short and clean – no polish or artificial nails allowed.  Exceptional personal hygiene is a must.  Absences cause hardships on fellow students especially during kitchen time when projects and assignments are completed as a team.  If you are currently in the military, and have duty, you must call, (yourself), and let the chef know, (preferably), prior to that day.  Treat this class like a job.  BE ON TIME.  If you are consistently late, you will be asked to leave the class.  NO NOT WAIST MY TIME AND I WILL NOT WAIST YOURS. Thank you!

Bring an open mind and great professional attitude.